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Bishline Banjos specializes in custom made banjos. Choose from options such as wood type, laminated necks, tunneled fifth string necks, short scale necks and radius fingerboards. Plus decorative options like inlay, wood binding, plating, engraving personalized truss rod covers and more.

Browse the galleries of custom banjos that Rob has built. Perhaps it will inspire you to “Design your own Bishline”.

Feel free to contact us today for a quote on a banjo with the custom options you would like.

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Top Tension Tree of Life

This custom walnut banjo features black top tension hardware with gold accents, abalone purfling through out, a tunneled fifth string neck, abalone tree of life inlay, a solid wood rim and resonator and a ziricote armrest and truss rod cover.

Open Back Clermont

The first Clermont built open back style. This banjo features raw brass hardware


Here is a custom banjo built for Geoff in San Francisco. He drew the inlay, Craig Lavin cut it and Rob inlayed it. This banjo also features a "Special Reserve" pot assembly, abalone purfling through-out, Koa, binding and a tunneled fifth string neck.

Custom Cole retro banjo

Here is Rob's reproduction of an 1890's Cole banjo.

Custom Midnight Moon

This Midnight Moon was for a customer in Hawaii and features a beach scene engraved in the gold tailpiece. Flamed Koa wood binding accents the black flamed maple. The hardware is black with gold accents.

Custom Blue Wave Banjo

Blue stained maple with natural flamed maple binding and resonator inlay. This highly customized banjo features custom fretboard inlay and armrest engraving.

Clermont Deluxe

This maple banjo features flamed maple on the neck and sides of the resonator and quilted maple on the back of the resonator. Abalone purling and Koa binding frame this masterpiece. This monster is powered by the Bishline Special Reserve tone chamber.

Custom Six String

Walnut six string with burl walnut resonator and lacewood binding separated by a white/black/white line. The neck and heel are laminated and the hardware is powder-coated

Quilted mahogany flying eagle

Abalone inlay against an ebony fingerboard is featured in this mahogany banjo. Other nice accents are the black j-hooks, black binding and a concentric abalone ring in the resonator.

Gold Orpheum

This walnut, custom banjo features highly engraved, gold-plated hardware and Orpheum style inlay. Gold Keith tuners were added and a gold Shubb sliding fifth string capo.

Custom walnut Heirloom

This tunneled fifth string banjo features a figured head cap and amber tuners. Simple inlay pattern and white/black/white binding.

Navy Openback

Created for John in Kentucky, this maple open back is tobacco stained. The inlay is marquetry and was created to match the customers tattoo's. It has a laminated neck, white lady tone ring and Rob's original designed dow rod.

Traditional maple with cocobolo ring

This maple banjo is tobacco-stained and features a solid maple, book-matched, braced resonator. The neck is a speed neck with an extra wide profile. The rim is a block maple rim with a cocobolo resonator. The binding is flamed maple.

Custom Cocobolo 2

This exotic wood banjo features highly figured cocobolo resonator and headstock back. The binding is flame maple and covers the neck, resonator and headstock. Some of the hardware is powder coated black.

Custom honey maple

Built for for a Steve Martin fan, this honey maple banjo features abalone purfling, gold hardware, original pearl and marquetry inlay.

Texas Rose Open Back

A traditional mahogany open back with antique hardware and the Yellow Rose of Texas inlay. Gold tuners and the scooped fingerboard are also nice touches.

Blue Abalone

This blue-stained, maple banjo features block style, abalone inlay, and a laminated and tunneled fifth string neck.

Custom Abalone Madera

Decorative abalone is featured in the headstock and fingerboard, but also runs along the binding in the body on this custom Maders. Walnut back and sides with spruce top.

Custom Maple Heirloom

Natural maple with lacewood binding and neck laminate give this banjo it's character. The cross in the headstock was made from a piece of the customers wood that had sentimental value. The cross is outlined in pearl.

Tunneled fifth string flying eagle

This walnut banjo features traditional flying eagle inlay pattern and a tunneled fifth string neck. The flange was custom made by the customer and the armrest is mahogan

Zebra Wood

The highly figured wood speaks for itself. This banjo has a tunneled fifth string and short scale neck. The fingerboard is Madagascar rosewood and the armrest is laminated in zebra wood.

Custom Midnight Moon

The resonator was designed by the customer and has the boy with the banjo sitting on the moon. The tuners and hardware are gold plated and the binding and armrest are Koa wood.

G Clef

This custom banjo features a mahogany neck, figured mahogany resonator and flamed maple binding. The inlay is abalone.

Maple Wreath

A beautiful, traditional banjo. Tobacco stained maple with a laminated neck.

Tortoise Clermont

This custom Clermont features tortoise shell/white binding and heel cap.

Speed neck Woody

This walnut banjo features a tunneled fifth string, laminated, speed neck and simple diamond inlays. The hardware is powder coated and the tuners are gold with black buttons. It is a woody and has a pick up and strap jack built in.

Walnut Woody

This banjo has a Bishline wooden tone ring/rim. It also features original abalone leaf inlay, an elite head, a pickup installed in the bridge, a walnut laminated armrest and black powder-coated flange and hoop.

Custom Midnight Moon

This custom moon features an original resonator design using marquetry, mother of pearl, and stain. The hardware is powder coated and the armrest is laser engraved Koa wood to match the binding and neck lamination. The tuners feature ebony knobs and the frets are stainless steel.

Custom Irish Mahogany

This custom mahogany banjo has a figured mahogany resonator, flame maple binding and a headstock inly designed by the customer to honor his Irish roots and his wife.

Texas Woody

Flamed maple resonator, black powder coated flange and hoop, gold accents and a clear head.

Walnut Leaf

This simple, yet tasteful banjo features a walnut neck with a bur walnut resonator and black binding. The inlay is mahogany and the finish is satin.

Banjo/Madera combo

These fraternal twin instruments feature highly figured walnut with black binding and orpheum style inlay. The tuners are gold to match the engraved gold hardware on the banjo.

Open Back

This custom open back banjo features a Dobson style neck, scoop neck and wooden dow rod.

Miller Mahogany

This mahogany banjo was custom built for Steve Miller. It features a quilted mahogany resonator, flame maple binding and copper-veined powder coated hardware. The fingerboard is madagascar rosewood. It has a Bishline woody tone ring and a pick up installed in the bridge.

Traditional quilted mahogany

Ludwig style inlay in an ebony fingerboard and head cap. This banjo is mahogany with flame maple binding around the headstock, fingerboard and resonator.

Walnut Midnight Moon

Here is one of our most popular models done in walnut with a burl walnut resonator, Koa binding with a small brown strip separating the binding and the wood. The hoop, flange, head , armrest and tuners are black.

Tunneled fifth string Wreath

Walnut with maple binding. It's a traditional wreath pattern inlay with a laminated, tunneled fifth string neck.

Dalmatian Salty Dog

A walnut banjo with white binding and a decorative heel laminate. The headstock inlay and fingerboard inlay is original and the neck is laminated.

The Walnut Trout

This custom Walnut Heirloom features an mother of pearl and abalone trout jumping on the headstock. The fretboard features scalloped diamonds instead of dots.

Dragon fly

Natural maple with wood binding separated by a black/white/black strip. This banjo has a laminated neck and dragon fly inlay in the headstock and resonator.

Carolina Cardinal

This banjo is walnut with a tunneled fifth string neck. The headstock has the fifth string tuner on top and a Cardinal inlay. The fretboard features mahogany leaves with a pearl outline.

Custom Moon

It's a Midnight Moon with these custom extras: gold Keith D tuners, gold hooks, gold-veined powder-coated hardware, gold Shubb sliding fifth string capo, lacewood armrest, and the customers original design marquetry inlay in resonator.

Custom Cocobolo

This exotic wood banjo features a solid wood, braced cocobolo resonator, a mahogany, tunneled fifth string neck, an african madagascar fingerboard, and a three ply maple rim with a cocobolo tone ring. It is accented by a powder coated flange and tension hoop and a cocobolo heel laminate, back of the headstock laminate and armrest.

Military Walnut

Custom built to reflect the distinguished military career of the customer. Walnut with burl walnut resonator and flamed maple binding.

Custom Clermont

Custom-built for Ronnie in Georgia, this cremona-stained maple banjo features custom white/black/white binding. The fingerboard is a solid rosewood and the head cap is ebony. The headstock features Heirloom inlay. The tailpiece is Kershner.