The 2016 Steve Martin award winner for banjo excellence, Danny Barnes, plays Bishline Banjos!

“The thing I think you will like about a Bishline banjo is it’s great sound. That’s what I like about Rob’s stuff, great sound. He also finishes them out really well, is very flexible in making different kinds of banjos, and because his company isn’t huge,  he has a real fresh approach to the whole thing. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Bishline and Rob is one of the best guys I’ve ever dealt with in the music world.
Rob’s banjos inspire me!
Danny Barnes

Dannys upcoming project,
“Got Myself Together”,
was played on his Bishline “Okie”.
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played on his Danny Barnes model banjo
@ www.dannybarnes.com
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@ http://www.dannybarnes.com/blog/