Hi Guys,

I attended the Acoustic Music Camp last week in Texas. Just got home yesterday. My Rosemary drew lots of attention from the other attendees. People were searching me out. I became the guy with the Bishline banjo. Everyone loved how it looked. I also received several comments on its sound and tone.

I was asked numerous times why I chose Bishline. I related to everyone that the experience was priceless. They would not find better craftsmanship and customer service anywhere. I always included that picking up the banjo from the shop in person was the icing on the cake for me.

The Rosemary and I are getting along great. I love playing it although I do get the Cimarron out every so often to keep it from feeling left out. Hope all is going well with you and I am still looking forward to having you build me a Madera. Actually, my wife mentions it almost as often as I do.

Take care and thanks again for two awesome banjos.

Brian Sulzer
Brush, Colorado

Dear Rob and Andy and all the talented people at Bishline , I am having difficulty finding the right words to describe how pleased I am with the Salty Dog …but I will try !!! First of all the craftsmanship is all around top notch. I am one who appreciates quality and ya’ll have absolutely created a work of Art !! My special thanks to the inlay artist as he certainly captured the personality of my Egerton. Something I did not think possible. Now as far as the musical aspects of the instrument…It has a wonderful and comfortable “feel” and the tonality is clean and rich. I think the radius neck is helpful for me in getting a clean sound especially with bar chords and up the neck..Also I would like to say it was a true pleasure dealing with ya’ll. You definately helped me make the right choices and it was a pleasure to do business with you.Thank you for making an old musician happy. I am 63 yrs and I have been playing various instruments since the age of 5, but your creation will certainly help me improve.I have always said you are only as good as the instrument you play !! Once again my most sincere appreciation and THANKS !!! Linda

Jacob Underwood-Cimarron

I recently took delivery of a Bishline Cimarron from Bishline Banjos. It was an extremely pleasant experience. From the first time I talked to Rob Bishline, until the day my banjo arrived, Mr. Bishline and his staff were always happy to answer any questions that I had. And, of course, the banjo is awesome! The Bishline Cimarron has everything that you would want in a professional bluegrass banjo. It has killer tone, great action, perfect intonation, and it looks great on top of it! This banjo is perfect for my playing style. This is the cleanest sounding banjo I’ve ever played. It’s capable of producing a wide variety of tones. It’s great for traditional, hard driving bluegrass, but it’s also great for softer, melodic playing. All the hardware looks great, and the inlay is beautiful. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. I couldn’t be happier with my Cimarron. I think that the Bishline Cimarron is the best value, for a professional five string banjo, on the market today. If you’re looking for a banjo that will rival any that you’ve ever played, I would highly recommend that you check out Bishline Banjos today!

Jacob Underwood Bluegrass Express



Glen  Kellaway – Classic
My name is Glen. I live in Toronto, Canada. I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a Bishline Classic from Elderly Instruments on Saturday.
I couldn’t be more excited. What a beautiful instrument. The tone is exceptional. I went to Elderly with an open mind, not knowing what banjo I wanted to purchase. I played them all, Gibsons, Tennessee’s, Deerings, Ome’s, Hopkins. When I got to the Bishline, I picked it up and started to play it, instantly I knew this was the banjo for me.

Joe Caloger- Custom Salty Dog
The feature that stands out the most on my Bishline is the fret job. This banjo frets true all the way up the neck. No buzzing. Sides of frets are smooth. Nicest fret job I’ve seen. Compared to other banjos available today, I think it was a very fair price for a banjo with top of the line components. If you want a truly Custom banjo, talk to Rob Bishline.

Laughlin Allan-Walnut Heirloom
I bought this instrument as a pro spec without the fancy parts kind of banjo. I live in Scotland and I took a fair chance in buying unseen. I couldn’t believe the quality in the banjo when it arrived, it’s beautiful and has a real classy understatement to it that I like. The finish is top notch. I think I got a fantastic
instrument from a great maker at a good price. I’m sure that I have the best instrument I could have bought for that money and was happy to be able to speak to the man who made it, it makes it much more personal. I can thoroughly recommend Bishline

Robert Palamo-Custom Heirloom
I would describe the sound as rich, balanced, and responsive. Very even sound response up and down and across the fingerboard, and it will really bark if you punch it. I got a tone ring upgrade from the standard Kulesh to a Hopkins. In any case, you can talk with Rob about your preferred setup and he’ll deliver it, and help you with any adjustments that might be needed after shipping.

Rob offers a choice of woods. I went the walnut. The burl on the resonator is simply stunning! The resonator and neck are bound in maple — so much nicer than the usual plastics. Though not strictly traditional looking, this is a beautiful work of art that I would have expected to cost much more. Rob and Frank at Bishline Banjos were both great to work with.  My Banjo has a lifetime warranty and I’m confident Rob will stand behind it all the way.  He’s a believer in educating people on basic adjustments, which on a banjo are really pretty simple if you’re even halfway handy with simple hand tools. I personally appreciated this, as I’m taking the instrument to Russia where anything that gets done to this instrument will have to be done by me. It’s good to know that advice and help are just a phone call or Email away.

I’m a believer in laminated necks. In the climate where I live, the added strength of a laminated neck is highly desirable. Rob is one of the few builders that even offers a laminated neck. It’s not standard on the Heirloom, but I opted for it. I also opted for ebony in the fingerboard, which I much prefer to rosewood, and for a slightly radiused fingerboard on account of my small hands and short stubby fingers. The result is a neck to die for.

This banjo compares favorably with banjos costing hundreds if not thousands more.  The price of the standard Heirloom was so reasonable that I was able to afford my dream customizations, which were also very reasonably priced. My situation necessitated buying this instrument sight unseen, which I have never done with any stringed instrument before and which I normally would avoid.  I would have no hesitation about ordering another Bishline.

In short, it sounds great, it plays like a dream, it’s in tune all over the neck, it’s my idea of gorgeous, and the price was right.

Larry Thompson – Salty Dog
I have played the salty dog for a couple of days. I love this banjo! The craftsmanship is flawless, its easy to play and the set up was perfect. I don’t think I have seen a better fret job. I like this banjo better than any Banjo I have owned! Rob did an excellent job. My next
banjo will be a Cardinal.

Ardern Peters – Custom Tunelled Fifth
Today I took possession of my new, custom made Bishline banjo, made by Rob Bishline of Bishline Banjos, Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is made of walnut,and has a tunnelled fifth string. No fancy inlay – just binding on the neck and resonator, and small dot fret markers. The tone ring is a Kulesh Big Ten. The tone is exactly what I want my banjo to sound like: crisp, sharp, well-defined tones with no rounding or drop off. And it has just the right punch to it.

I knew the action of a banjo makes a big difference in playability, and of course this banjo has excellent action. However, I never knew how the rest of the banjo’s form could effect playability. This is the most playable of my four banjos ( the other three being a Concertone, Crafters of Tennessee, and Richelieu.) And that is saying much, as the Crafters of Tennessee and Richelieu are excellent players, each with a great sound. All of that handwork Rob puts
into make the neck and fretboard and then fitting everything togethre just right really pays

Everybody has there own best fit, and I have never found a banjo that fits me as well as the
custom banjo Rob made for me. I predict there are going to be more and more Bishline banjos out there as pickers get a chance to hear and play his instruments.