How wide are your necks?
Our necks are 1-3/16 ” to 1-1/4″ because this seems to be the “easiest playing” for most folks but we can customize the width if need be.

What banjo models can I customize?
All models can be customized. However, the Okie, Patriot and Cimarron customization is limited.

What kind of string come standard on a Bishline?
We use GHS, PF-150 lights. ”

What should I use to clean my banjo?
We suggest Dunlop 65 guitar polish for the wood and hardware. Windex works on the head of the banjo or for really tough smudges on the hardware. ”

What is the advantage to a laminated neck?
Laminating a neck allows the luthier to orient the grain of the wood to produce an ultra-stable neck. Most necks are not laminated and they do just fine when the grain is straight and dry.

How short is the “short scale neck”?
Our short scale neck is 25-1/2 ”

Will a radius fingerboard make it easier for me to play the banjo?
Maybe. I usually suggest you try one before ordering one. Some folks feel it improves ease of play and others have trouble getting used to them.

What type of payment do you accept?
Credit card, check, PayPal or cash.