Bishline T-shirts and Hats

We just received a new batch of Bishline hats and shirts

Buy hats here:


Mocha color shirts and dark mocha hats

Thanks Bela!

We had a great time with Bela this afternoon at Bishline banjos !!!! ….picked a few banjos and swapped out hot rod parts !!! what a great way to spend an afternoon !!!! Thanks for the visit Bela and thanks for a great show at Cain’s afterwards !!!!

Rob’s February Blog

Hi from Bishline Banjos!

Be looking for us Feb.17-19 at the Mid Winter Bluegrass Festival at the Northglenn Ramada Plaza in Denver.

We’re looking forward to seeing a lot of friends there and doing a lot of jamming.
Hopefully Flat picker Randy McSpadden will come by and pick a few tunes and our friend Dan Nieto will be doing some picking at the booth with me and Dave.

We’ll have several banjos with us including: CF–5, Patriot, Cimarron, Clermont
and some customs. I hope you’ll stop by the booth and say hi.

We’ve made some updates to our web site recently including a tag lick that I think you’ll find helpful in your playing. It’s under the “Tabs and Tips” tab in the video section of the web site. You can download the tab there as well.

In the custom section you’ll see a couple of banjos we recently completed.
The Midnight Moon was custom built for Jim Lesure in Edgewater, Maryland.
It features extensive marquetry inlay in the resonator, gold tuners, capo and hooks,
powder-coated hardware and a Koa armrest.

We also added a custom open back built for John Bullard in Kentucky.
It has some custom marquetry inlays of navy tattoos. Banjo is flame maple with a tobacco stain and a laminated neck. The dowel rod is a new design for us and very functional. John also posted some cool videos playing his banjo on you tube.

Back to work for me…We’re super busy building banjos and Maderas right now!

Thanks and Happy Pickin!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year fellow banjo enthusiast and welcome to our new website and facebook page !!!
We have been been updating our models and pictures and making the site more user friendly and also adding
some new features for 2012 .

We have a new FAQ page that will hopefully help answer some your questions and we’ll be updating that page from time to time. I will also be offering some free Tabs for anyone interested. I am SLOWLY trying to learn my way around the TABLEDIT program. I have always handwritten all my TABs but the program is so much better! Please forgive me as I learn my way around. I will add TABs when time allows and I’m always happy answer any questions I can.

We have new pictures of our standard models and we’ll be adding pics to the customs as we can so check in often !!
I want to thank everyone for making 2011 such a wonderful year for all of us here at Bishline Banjos we trully appreciate all
the support and new friends we’ve made this year and I wish everyone a happy new year with plenty of great music !!